The mistery of the paper stripes

Colors of Passion

Quilling Experiment
Quilling Experiment
Quilling Roses for St. Valentine
Quilling Autumn Colors
Quilling Flowers for St. Valentin
Quilling Red Roses for St. Valentine
Quilling White Roses for St. Valentine
Quilling Sun Card
Quilling Blue Flower Card
Quilling Sun Card 2
Quilling Heart With Yellow Rose
Quilling Flower Impression
Quilling Cheers!
Quilling Hearh With Red Rose
Quilling Floral Fantasy
Quilling Womens's Day Greeting
Quilling Autumn Colors 2
Quilling Card Butterfly
Quilling Card Flower
Quilling A Basket Of Flowers
Quilling Blue Flowers
Quilling Red Flowers Fantasy
Quilling Happy Birthday Flowers Basket
Quilling Mystic Flowers
Quilling Bouquet
Quilling Mystic Flowers 2
Quilling Three Roses
Quilling Flowers Fantasy in Brown
Quilling Happy Birthday Bouquet

About us




Welcome to our brand new site!


We have chosen this day for opening of our humble site in which at least for now we plan to publish mostly photographs for our projects. Our first project is related to our penchant for quilling, that spreads almost exponentially among our friends and acquaintances. Curiosity about things we do has increased substantially in recent years and was the last needed stimulus to create this site. We have yet to perfecting the art of paper tapes and hopefully our next works are to be much more mature, whereby we will deserve your attention. Thank you for visiting us!